Scientific Basis of Cupping

August 1, 2017

I have chosen some of the scientific aspects regarding the mode of action of cupping as follows:

Dr. Naseer Saleh has written that; Hijama=cupping is the process to extract nitrate toxicosis in humans which occurs through enterohepatic metabolism of nitrates to ammonia, with nitrite being an intermediate. Nitrites oxidize the iron atoms in hemoglobin from ferrous iron (Fe2+) to ferric iron (Fe3+).

An Egyptian Physician Dr Sahbaa has written that Cupping exerts marked improvement on the clinical condition of patients especially visual analogue scale of pain, it significantly reduces the laboratory markers of disease activity and it modulates the immune cellular conditions particularly of innate immune response NK cell % and adaptive cellular immune response SIL-2R.

Dr. Katase from Osaka University maintained that Hijama (cupping) influences the composition of blood as it increases red and white blood cells and changes acidic blood into alkaline or neutral blood, resulting in its purification. It also cleanses the body of accumulated irritants that cause inflammation.

In the British Medical Journal Feb. 23, 1924 P; 352, Dr Robert J. Simons (French) has concluded that cupping is worthy of a place in modern therapeutics on the basis of following reasons:

After performing cupping, we observe that the coloring of the skin changes from clear pink to dark red, due to extravasation of blood from the capillaries into the flesh. This deep tissue blood falls into decay, the red globules break up and set free the antitoxins that impregnate them. Besides that, web observe extensive polynucleosis, which enables the patient to resist infectious pathogens. In surgery, cu

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